• Develop and manufacture Boiler Tube Leak Monitoring System;
  • Develop and manufacture Boiler Pulverizer Coal Dust Flow Monitoring System (PCM);
  • Coal Dust Concentration Monitor- from Kangfei Power Measurement & control Ltd., Nanjing;
  • Carbon in Fly Ash Analyzer;
  • Boiler Tube Leak Detector;
  • On-line Coal Quality Analysis System;
  • Intelligent Fuel Management System
  • GE’s DCS and PLC – Value Added Retailer (VAR);
  • GE’s iFix HMI System – Value Added Retailer (VAR);
  • System Integrator for Allan Bradley Motor Drives, Motors and PLC Systems;
  • System Integrator for Siemens’ Motor Drives, Motors, DCS and PLC Systems;
  • Business Partner of Emerson DCS and Valve products;
  • Supply and install Turbine Tube Cleaning System made by Taprogge Gesellschaft mb
Figure 1: Castle Peak ‘B’ Power Station Turbine Tube Cleaning System Replacement Project – Mechanical, Electrical and Auto control equipment
Figure 2: Example of Equipment Installed – PAC Dosing control HMI – Water Works, Hong Kong Government
Figure 3: Example of Equipment Installed – Control Panel for Organic Waste Treatment Facilities Phase 1
Figure 4: Example of equipment installed – 360MW Babcock Boiler Feed Regulating Valve replacements


Figure 5: Example of Equipment Installed – Boiler Tube Leak Detectors


Figure 6: Installation Site of Boiler Tube Leak Detectors – Hoping Power Station in Taiwan


Figure 7.1: Example of Equipment installed – Alarm and Graphic Display
Figure 7.2: Example of Equipment installed – Alarm and Graphic Display



Figure 9: Distributor and Development Partner of Pulveriser Coal Dust Flow Monitoring (PCM) with Kangfei Power Measurement and Controls of Nanling


PCM System Structure


Figure 10: Carbon in Fly Ash Analyser